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Post Op - Hip Exercises

Regular exercises to restore normal hip motion and strength and a gradual return to every day activities are important for your full recovery.


Ankle Pumps
Slowly push your foot up and down. This exercise can be done several times a day.


Bed Supported Knee Bends
Slide your heel toward your buttocks, bending your knee and keeping your heel on the bed. Do not let your knee roll inward.


Straight Leg Raises
Tighten your thigh muscle with your knee fully straightened on the bed. As your thigh muscle tightens, lift your leg several inches off the bed, hold then slowly lower. this particular exercise may not be appropriate. Please check with your surgeon.


Standing Knee Raises
Lift your operated leg toward your chest. Do not lift your knee higher than your waist. Hold, then slowly lower.


Standing Hip Abduction
Ensure hip, knee and foot are facing straight ahead. Keep your body straight. With your knee straight , lift your leg out to the side. Slowly lower your leg.


Standing Hip Extension
Lift your operated leg backward slowly. Try to keep your back straight. Hold for 2 or 3 counts. Return your foot to the floor.